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#1 Best Kid's Songs CD Download

Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
Item Number: DL 1900

IMPORTANT! Download CD to a computer only. Electronic devices such as iPad or iPhone don't contain software to unzip the file. View Detailed Download Instructions Here.

#1Best Kid's Songs CD Download Version

Our favorite songs are like a friendship that stays with us forever. So we asked our fans, “What are your favorite childhood songs?” and we received a bunch of great responses! Next, we recorded those suggestions with a splash of Learning Station upbeat fun, a dash of silly, a large dose of active movement and a generous amount of inspirational tunes. Grownups won’t be able to resist joining in with their kids for these lively dances, sing and play along activities, and tunes! Revisit old musical memories or create some new ones with this sparkling collection of our 15 special gems!

Part of The Learning Station’s campaign that supports, Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind!

Includes booklet with lyrics and instructions.

Complete Track List:

  1. Make New Friends
  2. Nursery Rhyme Dance
  3. Boom Chicka Boom
  4. I Love the Mountains
  5. Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends
  6. Fred the Moose
  7. Ain’t it Great to be Crazy
  8. Day O’ Time to Go Home
  9. Go Bananas
  10. Wishy Washy Washer Women
  11. Baby Shark
  12. Fill Your Bucket
  13. Rockin’ My Hips
  14. Stone Soup
  15. We Got the Whole World


YouTube Demonstration Videos


By Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX - School Library Journal

PreS-Gr 3–The Learning Station team (Laurie Monopoli, Don Monopoli, and Jan Hrkach) have put together another excellent album of 15 favorite childhood songs that will get kids moving and dancing. The accompanying booklet contains the lyrics to each song as well as instructions for movements and dances. The band uses a wide variety of musical styles, including Motown, funky hip-hop, rap, novelty, folk, and rock. The excellent vocals are especially well-performed, as the vocalists adapt their voices with ease to the various musical styles. An enthusiastic children’s chorus enhances the songs. The playlist includes “Make New Friends,” “Nursery Rhyme Dance,” “Boom Chicka Boom” (with various sound effects), “Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends,” “Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy,” “Day O’ Time to Go Home” (the group’s version of “The Banana Boat Song”), “Baby Shark,” “Rockin’ My Hips” (adapted from “Rock a’ My Soul”), “Stone Soup,” and others. This album encourages listeners to move and dance and will be a great resource for librarians, teachers, and parents.

By Tillywig Top Fun Award

“Part of what makes listening to this CD so much fun is that you can feel the enjoyment and exuberance of the performers coming through clear as a bell. More importantly, there's a great deal of talent at work, lending authenticity to the often silliness-laced variety of tunes presented here in grand style. From Gospel to Funk, Caribbean to Rock'n Roll (and even some good old down-home New Orleans style), there are plenty of sounds on parade, and lots to do while you're listening. Just pop open the accompanying booklet, and mixed in with the lyrics you'll find dances, moves, sing-a-longs, and other lively activities that map to the songs and take the fun into the stratosphere. The often silly lyrics and matching kooky voice-work will get you laughing but won't overshadow the fact that you're listening to talented musicians with a love for music and performing!”

Description: http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m17/brokenboxdesigns/BBD%20BLOG/bestsongs_photo.jpgBy Wendy Sefcik, Broken Box Designs

“This new cd is a MUST-have for any family with young children or teacher with young students looking to let out a little energy (that wasn't released on the playground perhaps)? :) All 15 songs are energetic, unique and interactive. The cd's light-hearted hits are classic with a modern twist! "#1 Best Kid's Songs" collection is a great mix of different beats, styles, instruments, voices and silly sounds. Just press "play," and I bet you can't sit still! A wonderful way for kids to play, learn and move!” 

By Midwest Book Review, The Music Shelf

“Intended for young listeners ages 3 and up, #1 Best Kid's Songs! is an album that promotes getting up and moving about with energetic dances, sing-and-play activities, and memorable tunes. Lyrics and instructions are included to enhance this excellent choice for recess, children's parties, or just fostering a love of healthy exercise. Highly recommended. The tracks are "Make New Friends", "Nursery Rhyme Dance", "Boom Chicka Boom", "I Love the Mountains", "Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends", "Fred the Moose", "Ain't it Great to be Crazy", "Day O'Time to Go Home", "Go Bananas", "Wishy Washy Washer Woman", "Baby Shark", "Fill Your Bucket", "Rockin' My Hips", "Stone Soup" and "We Got the Whole World".”

By Jayne Olderman, Grammy nominated songwriter/producer

“Flashback fantastic! Clever and so nostalgic! Kids can experience these gems from yesterday. Love the beats, the harmonies, the arrangements and Don's singing! The Learning Station does it again; another winner! #1!”


Wow! What A Great New CD!!!! We just love #1 Best Kid’s Songs! It is upbeat, it is familiar and it’s just simply fun to use in the classroom. On our last day of school our principal played “Day O’ Time to Go Home” over the intercom and we danced our way out the building to Summer Vacation!!!! I am looking forward to introducing this CD to this year’s new students. I know they will so love, “Make New Friends”, “Boom Chicka Boom”, “Wishy Washy Washer Woman” and of course “Go Bananas” (AREN’T WE ALL A LITTLE BANANAS?), heck they are going to love all the songs! Also, another thank you for adding videos on You Tube, what a perfect demo resource, I encourage all to check it out and you to add more!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, AND LOVE IT!!!

Chris LeJeune, Fenton Elementary, Fenton, Louisiana

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