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Brain Boogie Boosters CD Download

Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
Item Number: LS-1700DL


IMPORTANT! Download CD to a computer only. Electronic devices such as iPad or iPhone don't contain software to unzip the file. View Detailed Download Instructions Here.

(Ages 3 & up) - Runtime-53:54

Dr. Becky Bailey and The Learning Station unite to create interactive, fun, brain-boosting movement songs and activities that foster optimal brain integration. This collection of 19 engaging tunes includes stop and go activities that improve attention spans, breathing and stretching songs to disengage the stress response, and connecting songs that enhance impulse control skills. Take a musical break, cross your midline, touch your heart, inspire your soul, integrate your brain and boost learning with this incredible CD.

Lyrics, movements & BRAIN BOOSTING activities are included.

Complete Track List:

  1. Boogie Rock
  2. Brain Boogie Boosters
  3. Greetings
  4. Move And Freeze
  5. Watch Me Listen
  6. Calm Your Brain
  7. You Are Heart
  8. Wadlee Atcha
  9. Itsy Ditsy Spider
  10. Peace Like A River
  11. Skip Count
  12. I Gotta Go
  13. Nutrition Pyramid
  14. Brain Game
  15. Brain Breaks
  16. Friends Connect
  17. Team of Two
  18. It's A Marvelous Day
  19. Safe and Calm


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Creative Child Magazine CD of the Year

Creative Child Magazine CD of the Year

Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products & 10 Best Audio-Video Category

Dr. Toy's  100 Best Children's Products & 10 Best Audio-Video Category

Early Childhood NEWS, Directors' Choice

Early Childhood NEWS, Directors' Choice


Children's Music Web Finalist

Professional Reviews

By Espie Estrella, Guide to Music Education at About.com, July 2009
About.com is part of The New York Times Company

Children will find the songs in this CD fun to listen to; parents and educators will appreciate the concept behind it. With songs that encourages kids to get up and participate while stimulating brain power, Brain Boogie Boosters truly lives up to its name.


  • 19 engaging songs
  • Songs written in various styles
  • Liner notes contains lyrics, illustrations, instructions and activities
  • Promotes movement and learning
  • Uses music to stimulate the brain


  • None

The Learning Station; an award-winning children’s recording and performing company, has joined creative forces with Dr. Becky Bailey; an expert in the fields of childhood education and developmental psychology, to create Brain Boogie Boosters. Brain Boogie Boosters contains songs that will entice young listeners to get up and move. The great thing about this CD is that while children are having fun acting out the words, singing along and/or dancing to the music, they are also learning. Each song was carefully written to help improve memory and impulse control, instill appreciation, inspire empathy and target other factors that are important to a child's emotional and mental development. For example, the song "Boogie Rock" encourages kids to shake off the blues and dance, while the touching song "You Are Heart" reminds kids about the importance of kindness. Other songs like "Greetings," "Friends Connect" and "Team of Two" helps develop social skills. The CD ends with the soothing voice of Dr. Bailey as she instructs listeners to be "Safe and Calm." The music was composed by Don and Laurie Monopoli; they also collaborated with Dr. Bailey for the lyrics. Background vocals was provided by the USA Kids Singers. This CD will be a nice addition to a preschool teacher's music library. Some of the songs may be used for stretching or warm-up exercises; other songs may be used during circle time or transition.

By Learning Magazine, Teacher Evaluation, January 2009

I have seen hundreds of musical things for young kids and I have never seen one that gives such an interesting description of how your body is affected by doing certain things. The music is new to me for the most part, with the exception of a few familiar tunes. It's nice to have a mix of both. It's important for many kids to have a transition time between activities and this cd gives you lots of ideas. This musical CD integrates "the whole child". Children learn as they sing and even aid in their brain stimulation! Lyrics teach while actions boost "health". Also, some of the songs are to the tune of "old songs" that make the songs easy to learn. I like that the CD comes with the words in a little booklet. I like that at the introduction of each song in the booklet, there is a short and simple explanation of how that song encourages brain development.

It's a nice cd, and I like the feature explanations before each song, they can prompt some good discussions. The messages of the songs are positive ones. I think that kids will enjoy this and families can build on the messages. I think that because of the messages it stands out a bit from other products on the market. I would definitely recommend this product to parents. With so much testing in schools, I will even use this in my classroom before testing to stimulate brain power. I feel this CD is great for any age! Yes, I would recommend other parents to buy this product. It is a CD that can be played in a car or at home. Children of many different ages can enjoy listening to it and doing the actions at the same time. Reading the little blurbs about brain development are very interesting and informative.

TD MonthlyThe Few, The Proud…The Award-Winning Toys
Who Made the Cut This Year?
By Alison Marek and Julie L. Jones, TDmonthly Magazine

Thousands of products are introduced to the toy industry every year, but only a limited number are good enough, playable enough and innovative enough to garner an award. In addition to issuing TDmonthly Awards, TDmonthly Magazine regularly asks manufacturers to present their award winners to our readers so that retailers can quickly identify products with great potential and manufacturers can learn and be inspired by others' successes. Here are the most recent responses:

Brain Boogie Boosters: This 19-track album is specially created to get kids moving while also aiding the learning process. It features original music by Don and Laurie Monopoli of the Learning Station, both of whom collaborated with Dr. Becky Bailey of Loving Guidance Inc. on the lyrics. Stop-and-go activities boost attention spans, songs for breathing and stretching help relieve stress, and "connecting songs" improve impulse control skills.

School Library JournalBy Veronica Schwartz, Des Plaines Public Library, School Library Journal, Oct. 1, 2008

Brain Boogie Booster, PreS-Gr 3—The Learning Station and Dr. Becky Bailey, an expert in childhood education and developmental psychology, teamed up to create a series of 19 brain-boosting songs designed to improve attention span, disengage the stress response, and enhance impulse control. This enjoyable collection of 19 songs, many with a rock and roll feel, encourage participation. Most of the tunes teach lessons while encouraging children to have fun. "Greetings" explains how to properly greet others. "Calm Your Brain" teaches children to count to four in four different languages, while "Skip Count" reviews counting to 30 by 2s. Informational tunes such as "I Gotta Go" (reviews bathroom etiquette) and "Nutrition Pyramid" are included. "Move and Freeze" will get children up and moving, while "You Are Heart" will calm listeners. In the accompanying booklet, Dr. Bailey, whose Conscious Discipline program was honored by the Character Education Partnership, provides information for parents and librarians about why each song is valuable for the brain. Directions for physical movements and song lyrics are also provided in the booklet. Educators and parents will appreciate the developmental focus of this collection, while children will enjoy participating in the songs.—Veronica Schwartz, Des Plaines Public Library, IL

Midwest Book ReviewBy Midwest Book Review,  Children's Bookwatch ,  Music Shelf,  June 2008

Combining music with motion is one of the most effective ways to combine physical and cognitive stimulation with young children. That is the conceptual basis for Becky Bailey's "Brain Boogie Boosters", a CD album featuring nineteen interactive songs and activity combinations that will entertain as they enhance attention spans, relieve stress, and enhance impulse control skills. With a total running time of 55 minutes, the individual pieces include Boogie Rock; Greetings; Move and Freeze; Watch me Listen; Calm Your Brain; You Are Heart; Wadlee Atcha; Itsy Ditsy Spider; Peace Lie a River; Skip Count; I Gotta Go; Nutrition Pyramid; Brain Game; Brain Breaks; Friends Connect; Team of Two; It's a Marvelous Day; Safe and Calm; and the title piece, Brain Boogie Boosters. An outstanding presentation with flawless production qualities, and featuring an accompanying twenty page booklet with lyrics, movements and brain boosting activities, "Brain Boogie Boosters" is very highly recommended for family, preschool, daycare, elementary school, home schooling, and community library CD music collections for young children.

Kids' Music that Rocks

By Warren Truitt, Kids' Music that Rocks, New York Children's Librarian, May 30 2008
The Learning Station, Brain Boogie Boosters

Perfect example of "don't judge a CD by its cover": At first glance I thought this was another mass-produced collection of impersonally-performed edutunes ... wrong! Written by Don and Laurie Monopoli and Dr. Becky Bailey, with performance help from Paul Opalach, these catchy songs encourage exercise, relaxation, and meditation. Great for classroom use!

Midwest Book ReviewMove It and Lose It!
By Cliff Annicelli, Editor,  Playthings Magazine, 9/1/2008

With days soon to get shorter, kids may well need a little help staying active while indoors. Several new multimedia releases look to help in that endeavor, offering music and videos to which children can move along. Others go so far as to serve up songs that help children’s brains while still making their butts shake. And for kids who need a workout on their inner beauty, there are even a few releases here designed for that purpose, too.

Created in partnership with noted “Conscious Discipline” workshop leader Dr. Becky Bailey, Brain Boogie Boosters ($15), from The Learning Station, Melbourne, Fla., offers 19 brain boosting activities set to music, including stop-and-go activities designed to improve kids’ attention spans, breathing and stretching songs to disengage the stress response, and “connecting” songs created to enhance kids’ impulse control skills.

YouTube Demonstration Videos

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