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Cars, Trucks and Trains

Cars, Trucks and Trains
Only: $15.00
Item Number: KE-9140


Transportation songs featuring the Learning Station on vocals! Written by Jane Murphy and musically produced by Dennis Buck. This release includes songs about wheels and vehicles that move heavy loads, carry people, and help with transportation.

Complete Track List:

  1. The Freight Train
  2. The Dump Truck
  3. The Moving Van
  4. The School Bus
  5. Cement Mixer
  6. Lizzie the Snowplow
  7. If I Had Wheels
  8. Whee! Whee! Wheels!
  9. The Ambulance
  10. Ding Dong Digger
  11. Signs and Signals 1
  12. The Strongest Tow Truck in the World
  13. What Makes the Car Go?