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Get Funky CD Download

Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
Item Number: LS-1300DL
Get Funky and Musical Fun CD DOWNLOAD VERSION

IMPORTANT! Download CD to a computer only. Electronic devices such as iPad or iPhone don't contain software to unzip the file. View Detailed Download Instructions Here.

Keeping bodies in motion and minds in action with movement songs that promote active participation, creative free expression, physical strength and development.

This funk-a-licious CD is jam packed with action, learning and musical fun. Included are 16 exciting songs, circle games, dances and activities. Concepts include following directions, left/right discrimination, listening skills, body identification, muscle development and coordination. Children will love these catchy melodies that are set to a contemporary beat and make education and exercise a funky musical blast!   Featuring Get Funky (nicknamed "The Funky Monkey" by fans) the HIT dance tune that is ALL the rave.     Runtime: 52:18

Includes 16 page booklet with lyrics, instructions and dance movements.

Ages: 3 and up

Complete Track List:

  1. It's Showtime
  2. Get Funky
  3. Body Boogie
  4. If You're Wearing Colors
  5. Nutty Thumbkin
  6. Tarzan
  7. From Your Seat
  8. Sad, Bad, Terrible Day
  9. Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?
  10. I Spy
  11. Follow Me, I Am the Leader
  12. Ants Go Marching
  13. Say Cheese
  14. Simon Says
  15. Place Your Hands
  16. Crab Walking


YouTube Demonstration Videos

Professional Reviews

By Family Fun Magazine (Disney Publishing), Best New Audio, Moira McCormick, August 2004

With high-energy rhythms and lyrics such as “Reach, now touch the floor/Twist, do you want some more?” the Florida-based trio (Physical Ed; Rock n’ Roll Songs that Teach) aims to get kids off the couch.  For those few songs without movement directions – the propulsive “I Spy,” a memory and counting game; the country-flavored “Sad, Bad, Terrible Day,” which offers copying strategies for misfortunes such as having liver for dinner – the liner notes suggest ways to act them out.

By School Library Journal, Audio of the Week, Beverly Bixler, San Antonio, Texas Public Library, May 2004

The Learning Station have been going strong for almost 20 years. Their latest audio release is a fun production with 16 interactive songs, circle games, dances, and activities. Most of the musical styles have a contemporary rock sound, but also include some folk, calypso, and country styles. "It's Showtime" can be used as a show opener. "Get Funky" is a line dance with stepping, foot stomping, jumping, and shimmying. "Body Boogie" encourages listeners to shake different parts of the body. Listeners are instructed to follow different movements depending on the color clothing they are wearing in "If You're Wearing Colors." "Nutty Thumbkin" is a new arrangement, with extended lyrics of "Where Is Thumbkin?" Get ready to climb the vine with "Tarzan" and Jane in a song which goes faster and faster. In "From Your Seat," listeners are given movements to perform while sitting. Youngsters can act out the movements in "Sad, Bad Terrible Day." "Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?" adds laddies as well. "I Spy" teaches different musical instruments. "Follow Me, I Am the Leader" is a circle game. "Ants Go Marching" tells how the ants rescued their Queen from bees. "Say Cheese" gives musical instructions for using a camera. "Simon Says" is a song to use with the traditional game. "Place Your Hands" encourages listeners to touch various parts of their bodies. In "Crab Walking," recommended for P.E. classes, listeners perform an upside down crawl. Use "Body Boogie" and "Place Your Hands" in preschool story time sessions, and the children will have fun with the songs and the activities. This album will be a great resource for librarians, physical education teachers, and early childhood educators.


Customer Reviews

“I am a Group Leader in the 3-5 age group. We regularly play your CD "Get Funky and Musical Fun" We wish to thank you for such a great CD to extend the children's  listening, turn taking and gross motor skills. I think the staff have a great time too!!!  Keep up the excellent work!”
                - Suzie Whelan, Country Kids Play and Learning Centre
                Toogoolawah QLD, AUSTRALIA

"I just experienced a great conference in Atlanta with sessions from The Learning Station.  Once I returned to school with the CD's Tony Chestnut and Get Funky, my students won't let me play any other music.  The students and I love your music."
                  - Page Flynn, Atlanta, GA
“We saw you guys in Osage Beach and your presentation was the BEST by far!!! I purchased the "Get Funky" CD and my two daughters' love it; we listen and dance to it every night.”

                - Susie Purvis, Easter Seals Child Development Center, Columbia, MO
"We have the "Get Funky" CD and the kids LOVE it!  Thank you!"
                - Joanna Giacometto, Cinco Cottage Montessori School, Katy, TX
"'My kids love the Get Funky song, so I am curious to see what other things you have. "

                - Amy Buie, Tarawa Terrace, NC
"We have the "Get Funky" CD and the kids LOVE it!  Thank you!"
                - Joanna Giacometto, Cinco Cottage Montessori School, Katy, TX

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