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Leaping Literacy

Leaping Literacy
Only: $15.00
Item Number: KE-9178

Award Winner!! Here's an innovative new way to help prepare children for reading success! Terrific songs, tongue twisters, games, and activities ensure that children will develop a love of language. Each song reinforces at least one valuable literacy skill; i.e., listening, oral language, letter knowledge, segmentation, print-related spatial relationships, phonological awareness and more. This important CD is by Dr. Pam Schiller

Complete Track List:

  1. Lizzie Leaping Lizard
  2. Ribbons In The Air
  3. Shake Your Reader Ribbons
  4. The Name Game
  5. The Rhyme Family
  6. Say And Rhyme
  7. Chim. Chimmy Chimpanzee
  8. Animal Cookies
  9. Twirl Those Ribbons
  10. Listening Story
  11. ZZZZ! ZZZZ! Snort! Snort!
  12. Tounge Twister Tap
  13. What's The Weather
  14. Nursery Rhyme Tap
  15. Alphabet March & Match
  16. The Sounds Of Nature