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Nutrition and Fitness Can Be Fun! CD

Nutrition and Fitness Can Be Fun
Only: $15.00
Item Number: UAMS-9999

Preschool-Early Elementary

Willy Wheat Bread is an “on the go” grain guaranteed to keep kids learning and moving with tunes like the Fruit and Veggie Hokey Pokey, Bored Time Boogie and many others.

KIDS FIRST Registered Dietitians and early childhood developmental specialists teamed up with The Learning Station to produce a super collection of 15 songs with brand new lyrics set to children’s all time favorite tunes.  Songs packed full of interaction and physical activity teach children about all food groups and make learning a BLAST!  Lyrics and suggested physical activities are included. 

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Complete Track List:

  1. Willy Wheat Bread
  2. Fruit and Veggie Hokey Pokey
  3. If You're Thirsty and You Know It
  4. Moving and Grooving
  5. If I Were A...
  6. Give Us Dairy Please
  7. Old McDonald's Veggie Farm
  8. Follow, Follow Me
  9. Healthy Foods
  10. Move, Move, Move
  11. Water is Important
  12. Colored Foods
  13. Bored Time Boogie
  14. Nutritious Foods
  15. Willy Wheat Bread Says