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Physical Ed DVD

Physical Ed
Only: $19.95
Item Number: PE-1226 DVD

(Preschool - lower elementary)

Who ever said exercising isn’t fun? The Learning Station invites you to join them for this award-winning collection of fun, fitness music videos.  Each video is designed to help children develop balance, locomotor skills (walk, hop, skip, jump and leap), physical strength and coordination. Perfect for physical education teachers, brain breaks, circle time or those rainy days when children can’t go out and play.  Join The Learning Station for this up-beat collection of activities, dances and group games. 30 minutes of health, fitness songs supporting, Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind!

Complete Song List:

  1. Monkey in the Middle
  2. Side Slide
  3. Stomp and Clap
  4. Physical Ed
  5. 12 Days of Gym Class
  6. Raise the Ceiling
  7. Ba-Ba Bones

YouTube Demonstration Videos


"What an excellent way to put in some really ‘upbeat’ physical education without the children even realizing it.  This provides a wonderful ‘brain and body’ time out.  How extremely motivating for children and adults!"
- Rhonda Armstrong
"I was at a conference where this was used and now have incorporated it into my work.  All the teachers are now begging for it too.  It is amazing as all the music is, but I want you to know that by incorporating this into your day behavior and motivation improve."
- Jan Beard
"Every morning our kid’s insist on listening to Physical Ed before their morning activities.  When our tape got accidentally broken… well I’ll just say we need another one ASAP!!!!!!"
- Patricia Daniels
"The children in our classroom love this CD plus the video.  Love the movements!"
- Martha Swartz
"I received the new CD in the mail and my child care children just love it!  We have so many hours of fun with your CD’s and videos.  They request Physical Ed in the house (video) and in the van during school drop offs (CD).  The parents of my children just love their interest in music!  Thanks for making the songs lively and very fun to move too!"
- Cheryl Cugle
"The music is great for all ages, and the beat for each song is perfect for setting any type of exercise.Great job guys!!!"
- R. Taylorson
"What a fun way to learn! I am very excited!"
- Bonnie Cornell

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Physical Ed
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Physical Ed CD
Physical ED is a PHYSICAL EDUCATION TOP PICK for motivating kids to stretch, strengthen muscles, and get healthy and fit!
Physical Ed
Physical Ed CD Download
Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
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Physical ED is a PHYSICAL EDUCATION TOP PICK for motivating kids to stretch, strengthen muscles, and get healthy and fit!