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Physical Ed CD Download

Physical Ed
Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
Item Number: LS-1100DL

IMPORTANT! Download CD to a computer only. Electronic devices such as iPad or iPhone don't contain software to unzip the file. View Detailed Download Instructions Here.

Movement and Locomotor Activities! (Ages 3-10)

Let's get physical! The Learning Station invites you to join them for this healthy collection of 16 fun fitness songs, group games and activities all designed to develop balance, locomotion skills (walk, hop, skip, jump, run, gallop and leap), physical strength and coordination. Also teaches left/right discrimination, following directions and listening skills. There's nothing like a jolt of up-beat jamming tunes to get children exercising, moving and grooving! Nutritional music for a child's heart, body and mind.

Samples:                                                                          Need QuickTime?

Complete Track List:

  1. Stretch
  2. Stomp and Clap
  3. Side Slide
  4. Monkey In The Middle
  5. The Marching Game
  6. Physical Ed
  7. Raise The Ceiling
  8. Give Me Ten
  9. Stir It Up
  10. Twelve Days Of Gym Class
  11. Musical Hula Hoops
  12. Can You Keep Your Balance
  13. Ba Ba Bones
  14. Run And Walk
  15. Gallop
  16. Jumpin Jacks


YouTube Demonstration Videos below - Scroll down


"I already own Physical Ed and the students and I both just LOVE it. I am looking forward to the new additions. Keep them coming!!!"

- Ruby Farris, Wake Forest, NC

"I am using your Physical Ed CD in our Kindergarten and 1st grade morning activities. The PE teacher and I (I teach music) just LOVE it!"

- Mary Crider, Union Elementary School, Gallatin, TN

"If I want to liven up the morning, I pop the CD into the player and it's as if I am the ice cream person. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!"

- Mary Haftmann-Moses

"Physical Ed is by far the best exercise cd for elementary PE that I have ever used. My students love it and so do I. Not only is it fun it is one of the few kids CD's where you actually do get a good workout. It has been a great asset to my PE program.No elementary PE teacher should go without this one!"
- Rob Campbell
"Every morning our kid’s insist on listening to Physical Ed before their morning activities. When our tape got accidentally broken… well I’ll just say we need another one ASAP!!!!!!"
- Patricia Daniels
"The children in our classroom love this CD plus the video. Love the movements!"
- Martha Swartz

"I was visiting with my grandchildren in Milford, CT when I saw your Physical Ed tape and am most anxious to order it for my Pre-K ESE students! What a fun way to learn!"

- Bonnie Cornell

"I work in an elementary school and this CD is popular with all students K-6. If I want to liven up the morning I pop the CD into the player and It's as if I'm the icecream person. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!"

- Mary Haftmann-Moses

"The music is great for all ages, and the beat for each song is perfect for setting any type of exercise with... Great job!"

- R. Taylorson

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