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Rock 'N' Roll Songs That Teach CD

Rock 'N' Roll Songs That Teach
Only: $15.00
Item Number: LS-6000

(Ages 3 & up)  Runtime-31:49

Yes... it's finally here! All the exciting movement songs you've been asking us for and it is jamming with action, participation and fun! Children will dance, play and learn wonderful skills with this collection of songs, circle games, activities and nursery rhymes that are set to a rock and roll beat. Get down with Old King Cole, boogie in a saucer with Sally & Sammy, rock with the opposites and find out how reading a book is a rock n' roll blast! Featuring Button Factory, This is How We Rock, Singing in the Rain, Read a Book, Rockin' to a Lullaby and many more grooving, rock n' roll favorites.

Lyrics included.

Complete Track List:

  1. Rock N' Roll Journey
  2. Rock N' Roll is Here To Stay
  3. Read a Book
  4. Opposites
  5. Button Factory
  6. Rhyming Song
  7. This is How We Rock
  8. Singin' in the Rain
  9. Green Eggs and Ham
  10. Little Sammy (Sally) Saucer
  11. Rock N' Roll Nursery Rhymes
  12. Rockin' to a Lullaby



"Excellent learning tool that excites the students! They don't realize they're learning valuable information!!!"
- Alecia Lambert

"My preschoolers are crazy about "Singing in the Rain"! It's tons of FUN."

- Carol G. Percy

"I returned from a workshop pumped and motivated by your upbeat music"

- Elaine Oliver

"We loved this CD so much my kindergarten daughter had to bring it to school to share with the whole class."

- Kimberly Troksa

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Rock 'N' Roll Songs That Teach CD Download
Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
Rock 'N' Roll Songs That Teach  CD Download
A TOP PICK by customers for its catchy rock and roll beat! Rock n' Roll Songs that Teach features “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Button Factory” and “Green Eggs and Ham”!