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Sift and Splash CD Download

Sift and Splash
Only: $15.00 for one download of this title per household or classroom. If additional copies are needed please specify quantity below.
Item Number: LS-9000DL

IMPORTANT! Download CD to a computer only. Electronic devices such as iPad or iPhone don't contain software to unzip the file. View Detailed Download Instructions Here.

(Ages 3 - 5) Runtime-47:32

Sift and Splash CD, We listened to your requests... now here it is! Yes, finally, songs and activities created specifically for sand and water play. You will add a new blast of creative learning, science, math, social interaction and fun to your sand and water tables. This collection of interactive songs and activities will invite children to play-a-long as they sift, shape, pour and scoop. Everyone will explore floating, boating, sifting, mea-suring and mixing. Just as important, a positive way to encourage following directions, sharing and making friends.

Lyrics included.                                                                                  Need QuickTime?

Complete Track List:

  1. Friends in the Water
  2. Finger Fish
  3. Water Pump
  4. Splish Splash ( Dolly's in the Bath)
  5. Float or Sink
  6. It's Raining, Raining
  7. Dry Them Off
  8. Swing
  9. The Sifter
  10. Sand Person
  11. Sand Art
  12. Sandbox Soup
  13. Gonna Build a Sandman
  14. We're Done With Sand


Professional Reviews


The Learning Tree Store Blog is an on-line haven for meaningful dialogues on issues concerning children, parents and teachers. 

By Carol Hartery, The Learning Tree Store Blog, January 6, 2010

The Learning Station's "Sift and Splash" cd

Hi Everyone!
It's me again. Carol, from The Learning Tree Store in Stoneham, MA. I have decided to continue to write about music in a few more blogs.                                                                                                                       

One of my favorite cds from The Learning Station is Sift and Splash. This unique cd is great to use with your sand and water tables and for activities in your science area. You may want to create mini sandboxes for each student by putting an inch or two of sand in plastic "shoeboxes" for them to use during group time. Your students can "play" with the sand in their sandboxes as they sing, "Sand Person" and "Sand Art". If you spray a little water on the sand your students could practice writing numbers and letters and drawing shapes in the sand.

I have created a workmat and a set of 4 cards for your students to use with "Float or Sink" from the Sift and Splash cd. You will also need a tub of water, a metal spoon, a little cup, a little rock, and a wooden block for this activity.  Please visit The Learning Tree Store's Activity page for instructions and the reproducible pages I have created for you.


"I work with Migrant Head Start and it's wonderful to have music to encourage more creative indoor and outdoor learning activities. It's great!"


- Kelly Reisig

"My sand and water table came to a new life now that I have these awesome songs and activities. My preschoolers want to play them over and over and over again."


- Lexi Dillery

"My class knows every song by heart. They insisted on singing Finger Fish at our family night and the parents all wanted to know where to buy it. Keep pumping out the great tunes!"


- Jennifer Little

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Sift and Splash
Sift and Splash CD
Only: $15.00
Sift and Splash CD
Sand and water play activities that pour, scoop, measure, shape, Sift and Splash. Perfect for at the beach, in the tub or with your sand/water table.